Our dedicated team of elder care advisors has been assisting older adults and families in the Phoenix valley as they navigate the maze of senior living and care options. 

We know the questions families often have and created this resource to help answer them.

We at Arizona Senior Options help seniors and their families find senior living and care based on their unique needs, preferences and budget.

We provide personal help and guidance to those seeking senior living and eldercare.

Arizona Senior Options offers FREE referral and placement services to seniors and families and is paid by the senior living communities and care providers in our network in the form of a commission, so our service is provided to consumers at NO CHARGE.

Our service is absolutely FREE! If staying home is no longer a safe option, our senior advisors will personally meet with you and your loved one, gather detailed information regarding your loved one's physical and mental health, mobility, social behavior, any special health or dietary needs, cognitive ability, hobbies, religious preference, activity level, etc., tour communities with you, negotiate prices on your behalf, and help you finalize all of the paperwork in selecting a senior living community.

It’s not just about listening. It’s about hearing and understanding. We match your care needs, budget, location and lifestyle preferences with appropriate senior care communities: assisted living community, residential care home, memory care community, etc.

Our number one priority is on making your loved one's life easier, safer, and more fulfilling. In our face-to-face meeting, we encourage families to define and depict the IDEAL environment and circumstances for their loved one, and make that a reality. We are ready to be of service to you and those you love and help find effective solutions quickly and professionally.

Give us a call at (602) 903-6365 so that we can get a better understanding of your unique circumstances.

Yes, our senior care advisors are trained to help you determine which services best suit your needs and criteria. We can guide and navigate you through all of the senior care options, so give us a call today. We have an extensive network of QUALITY and pre-screened care providers that we collaborate with, and can refer you to a range of organizations and companies.

Our Senior Living Advisors help families and Seniors
understand their senior living options and find high-quality, affordable
long-term care. We start with an assessment of each client’s needs,
determine what senior resources may be required, then find the best
pre-screened senior care options that match their requirements, schedule
tours of the shortlisted facilities, and do follow-ups to ensure that
all needs and expectations are met after the transition. We offer a
full complimentary referral services to families and seniors.

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We recognize that emergencies happen at any time, hence the reason why we work around the clock, as needed (weekends and after-hours).

Arizona Senior Options is a local family owned and operated company built on strong morals and principles. We value integrity, and pride ourselves on unparalleled customer service.

It's these factors that make Arizona Senior Options unique and sets us apart from other referral and placement agencies.

Other companies who offer these services in the Phoenix valley are typically franchises or part of a national placement company based in a different state. They often operate out of a call center with little to no presence in the Phoenix metropolitan area. By contrast, we are family and quality focused, placing great emphasis on attention to detail.

Our philosophy is unique in our industry. Unlike the norm, we do not appeal to the mass consumers, nor do we provide a generic list of the same places to everyone. At Arizona Senior Options, quantity is NOT the goal, QUALITY is! That goal is to take what is special, different and important about each of the seniors entrusted to us and apply those needs and traits to finding the most suitable, ideal communities and homes, In other words, that goal is to create the perfect match.

Arizona Senior Options has developed a reputation in the community on providing top quality and highly successful referral and placement services by serving every client with dignity, professionalism and kindness. With over a decade of relationship building and access in the senior care industry, Arizona Senior Options is exceedingly resourceful, respected, and established throughout the Phoenix valley.

While the families we support are all unique, one common factor is the positive feedback on their experience with Arizona Senior Options. 

How can you trust us? 

One of the best ways is to read the words of our former clients and professionals who have worked with us throughout the years. We have a large selection of testimonials and thank you letters for you to look through on our website. Also, feel free to visit our Facebook page, Yelp Page, or BBB page and post questions, too. Many of our past clients and professional friends follow that page

There are many rules and regulations that one may not know of and may not learn at first experience. We have been helping families for years and are intimately familiar with hundreds of senior living communities. We know what questions to ask so that we can match your loved one's unique circumstances with their exact needs. Our years of research, training and experience will save you a tremendous amount of time. 

When you look for a school or a dance class or music lessons for your children, you do research, ask your friends and visit and check it out before you sign up. When you want to buy a home, you use a realtor to guide you through the process.

This is also true of senior care. How do you know where to go, who to ask, and where to visit? WE KNOW! We can shorten the search. We can guide and direct you so that the visits are meaningful and will produce a result.

We have an entire checklist of questions and a procedure to follow when we are looking for that RIGHT community for your loved one. This saves you a lot of valuable time. We do the legwork for you.


The great thing about our service is that we will discuss all of your options thoroughly so that you can make an informed and confident decision -- one that feels and is right for you and your loved one.

Whether it is providing help at home, finding the right Residential Assisted Living (Board and Care Home), or perhaps Assisted Living, we will work with your budget to find senior living and care solutions in the geographical area of your choice. Our senior advisors will guide you to pre-screened, quality and appropriate care communities and care options tailored to your needs and preferences.

At NO COST to you our your family, we help you make your loved one's transition to:

Senior Living Communities

  • Assisted Living Communities
  • Residential Care Homes/Adult Group Homes
  • Independent Living Communities
  • Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRC's)
  • Memory Care Communities (Dementia/Alzheimer's Care Communities) 
  • Skilled Nursing Facilities
  • Rehabilitation Care Centers/ Rehabilitation Hospitals
  • Respite (short-term) Stay

Arizona Senior Options has a wide network of senior care organizations and can connect you to trusted healthcare professionals and specialists to help you make informed decisions:

Senior Care Services

  • Non-medical and medical in-home care
  • Home health (physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy)
  • Mobile house call physicians
  • Hospice and palliative care 
  • Mobile laboratory services
  • Mobile x-ray services
  • Mobile dentists

Professional Services

  • Elder Law Attorneys & Estate Planning
  • Medicare Insurance Agents & Long Term Care Insurance Agents
  • Veteran's Aid & Attendance Consultants
  • ALTCS (Arizona Long Term Care System) Specialists
  • Financial Advisors
  • Licensed Fiduciaries
  • Transportation Services
  • Medical Supplies
  • Relocation/Moving/Downsizing Services & Estate Sales
  • Mobile Notaries
  • Realtors 
  • ... and many others


Our goal is help educate seniors and their families so they can make educated, informed and confident decisions. We often work with families that have done research and identified options on their own before connecting with Arizona Senior Options. That's great! While these options may fall outside our network, we hope that the information and tips learned from Arizona Senior Options will be helpful when visiting and making comparisons.


Not all senior living and care communities and residential assisted living care homes are created equal! Not all homes or senior living communities are where you would want your loved one to be. Each Residential Care Facility for the Elderly (RCFE), along with other communities in our network, licensed by the State of Arizona – Department of Health Services, is personally visited and stringently evaluated by our staff in order to validate their integrity. We only accept the best!

We only work with licensed communities. We are very selective with whom we collaborate, and partner with qualified, pre-screened care communities that are in very good standing with the Arizona Department of Health Services. We personally tour the communities before making any recommendations/referrals.

Our service gives you the in-person, behind the scene information you deserve. Unlike Internet referral companies, we tour these communities everyday and REALLY know the care staff and owners.

We have established and maintained relationships with small residential care home owners, as well as large assisted living and memory care communities throughout the Phoenix valley.

A simple phone call is all it takes! We will be happy to meet with you and your loved one when and where it is most convenient for you. WE COME TO YOU; we can meet you where you feel most comfortable, whether it is in the comfort of your home, office, hospital or skilled nursing facility.

In the face-to-face meeting, one of our experienced senior care advisors will conduct a personal assessment of your loved one’s medical, social, and financial needs. This allows us to determine what type of senior care they need and to determine a few senior living options for you to consider.

There will be NO PRESSURE from us, whatsoever. However, there may be urgency that arises out of concerns about health issues and other factors that affect your loved one's safety and well-being. We welcome the input from family and other advisors who can help us understand the time-frame for any move.

Arizona Senior Options offers FREE referral and placement services, including the initial assessment visit, where we determine your loved one's unique circumstances such as: level of care, financial affordability, how to pay for senior living and care and discuss the best possible care options that are tailored to their unique preferences and needs. 

Absolutely not! There is no need for you to waste your time calling around to different communities only to discover they are not a good fit for your senior loved one’s needs. We have helped countless families throughout the Phoenix valley find a senior care solution that was ideal for them. Our success is based on our experience and insight. We match an older adult’s needs, lifestyle and personality with our insider knowledge of local senior care providers. We also utilize department of health state inspection reports and feedback from other families we work with to ensure a good fit.

After we personally meet with you to discuss your unique circumstance, personal preferences and goals, we will be happy to give you a personalized, guided tour of several senior communities that best meet your criteria.

We can educate you and walk you through the process every step of the way, ensuring that all of your questions are answered so that you feel confident and comfortable with your decision. We will help negotiate rates on your behalf, to help accommodate your budget. Arizona Senior Options is sensitive to what is affordable to you and your loved one.

There is no way to give you a quick answer. The range of costs is broad and determined by several factors including:

  1. Private or shared room
  2. “Real estate” factors such as, where the facility is located, how large the room or apartment is, and the amenities included
  3. How much care the individual requires
  4. License of the facility

Once we have done our face-to-face assessment and discussed parameters such as geographic preferences and level of care, we will be able to provide you with a price range of different senior living and care options, comparing costs of In-Home Care versus Assisted Living versus Residential Care Homes.

We work hard to stay within your budget and find senior living and care solutions that work best for you.

The decision of moving into a senior living community is life-changing for the individual as well as the family. It requires an investment of time, research, and leg-work. Several factors will come into play in making a decision – the senior’s abilities and needs, location, cost, services offered, living conditions, and more. Understanding a facility’s philosophy of care and internal regulations is also important. Some tasks vital to the decision-making process include comprehensive interviews with facility representatives, personal tours of the residences, gathering of feedback from residents and/or their family members, and more. Arizona Senior Options is here to help guide, inform, and make sense of all of the options with a goal of making sure everyone involved is comfortable with the decision made.

The most important thing to convey is the need to do what’s best for the safety and well-being of mom or dad. Every family dynamic is different but it is important to stick to the needs of the individual and foster good communication to ensure everyone is on the same page. Family members who aren’t directly involved frequently may not understand the true condition of mom or dad until they witness it for themselves. Sometimes bringing in a third-party individual can help get everyone on the same page; Arizona Senior Options is here to help in these types of situations.

Talk early and often about your concern for your loved ones' safety. You care enough to at least say something. Call to speak to our Senior Living Advisors for guidance and suggestions. It's never too early to explore options and get your preliminary questions answered; should there be a fall or tragedy that requires your loved one to seek assisted living care support with his/her activities of daily living (ADLs: ex; bathing, dressing, grooming, etc.).

This varies with every family we help. We have successfully guided and helped many clients transition into a senior living community the same day or in as little as 24 hours (some families have been in a state of crisis and are forced to make a decision and move the same day). We’ve also had many clients who weren't quite ready to move, and preferred to wait several months before they moved in; it is an individual choice and is also based on urgency.

Arizona Senior Options is committed to keeping your information private and it will only be accessible to our local senior care advisors. Once you have submitted your information, a local care advisor will contact you to set up a time to meet with you and your family in person or we can discuss options with you over the phone. We strive to be very personal with our families and hold their hand through this journey, however we know due to different circumstances families may not be able to meet in person. We will adjust to every family’s needs to make this journey and the decision they make as comfortable as possible.


We recognize and respect the sensitivity of sharing information. Please review our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. The questions we ask on our online form enable us to provide a helpful and informative service to those in need of finding senior living options.

Families are welcome to bypass the online form and call 602-903-6365 to speak directly with a senior living advisor.

Yes, there is a very good chance that if your family member is a war-time veteran, or spouse of a veteran, they could qualify for additional income to help offset the cost of care. Although we are not affiliated with them, we can recommend a few certified VA consulting groups that can assist you in obtaining the Aid & Attendance benefits for Veterans.

Most people pay for senior living communities such as Independent Living, Residential Care Homes, and Assisted Living with current income from social security and pensions, coupled with the use of savings, including the proceeds from selling a home. 

Long Term Care Insurance is more and more widely used to offset the cost of  room and board and care in an Assisted Living or Residential Care Home, or to pay for In-Home Care (private duty caregivers in the home).

***(Please be advised that you should check with your insurance carrier to ensure the coverage you are requesting is a part of the policy.)***

Medicare and other health insurance plans and HMOs will NOT pay for assisted living services. There is, however, a program for war-time veterans and the spouses of veterans that will contribute over $1,200 a month (and over $2,000 for couples) called the Veteran's Aid and Attendance Benefits. 

Financial assistance programs, including Medicaid (ALTCS: Arizona Long Term Care System), may be available for those with limited resources, although not every Assisted Living community participates in these programs. Medicaid can pay for long-term care facilities if the individual meets financial need requirements and health care needs assessment.

Yes; we have a document for you or your loved one to sign (depending on your loved one's mental capacity) that gives us permission to help you via HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996). In the document, it states that you understand and acknowledge our help and understand that you pay NO fees for this assistance, and our assistance is only given at YOUR discretion.

Arizona Senior Options's staff has been in health care for a combined over two decades, specifically serving seniors. Our advisors include of certified caregivers, licensed assisted living managers, licensed realtors, former hospice professionals and a Bachelor's of Science in Nursing student specializing in geriatrics. We know what to look for when evaluating senior care communities, to ensure the safety and comfort of your loved one. Above all else, we are educators, licensed healthcare professionals, and clinicians, with access to the finest resources available in all areas of geriatric care. 

NO! It is simply to their benefit to work with a highly reputable referral and placement agency that screens prospective residents for their senior living communities or group homes. This helps alleviate some of their advertising budgets and activities, so they can focus on providing high quality care. If a community ever wants to charge you extra for working with us, we want you to tell us right away.

Speak with a Care Advisor

There is NO COST or hidden fees for our service; we are compensated by the senior living communities when or if you choose to transition into a recommended community.